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Hiking Logan's Ridge, Mount Barney National Park

Mount Barney is a magnificent peak about 2 hours south of Brisbane. If you're looking for a challenging rock scramble in SE Queensland, the Logan's Ridge hike in Mount Barney National Park is sure to deliver.

Take note that this hike is for EXPERIENCED HIKERS ONLY. Rescues here are common, and very challenging. DO NOT ATTEMPT if there has been ANY rain or rain is forecasted, as the exposed ridge lines become even more dangerous when wet.

Logans Ridge looking down

I would also HIGHLY recommend hiking this with at least one person who has already done it as the trail is unmarked and difficult to follow in some places. We hiked with 2 people who have done Logan's Ridge multiple times and we still got off route twice.

True rock artists would regard Logan’s Ridge as a mere scramble, and it is. But aspiring bushwalkers will find the route difficult and treacherous with some exposed slabs and short chimneys. Regardless of skill level, ascending Logan’s is a big day out with some 1000m of elevation gain and loss to be made before returning to the car park. - 50 Classic Climbs, Australia

The hike up Logan's Ridge

We'd been meaning to hike Logan's Ridge for ages, but due to the bushfires followed by COVID we just couldn't quite make it happen until a few weekends ago. We arrived at the Yellow Pocket trailhead early in the morning and made sure we were well-prepared. Some of our friends were camping at the top, so the big packs added another challenge to the hike!

Hiking group Mount Barney National Park

After a long, steady up we finally got to some rocky outcroppings and view of the valley below!

View from Logans Ridge

This is where the route started to get a little bit sketchy. Most spots have plenty of hand holds, but I was glad I'd worn my very grippy hiking boots.

View from Mount Barney Logans Ridge

At this point, the hike was worth it just for the views.

Scenic landscape Mount Barney National Park

We used a rope to pull the big packs up in a few places. Also, just so you know, the big rock outcropping below does move if you jump on it...

Although the bushfires did some damage here last year, the route hasn't really changed (according to our 2 experts). Beware the occasional blackened branch snagging your pack, and loose rocks tumbling onto the heads of hikers below.

Bushfire damage Mount Barney

As the ridge line got more and more exposed, we took our time up the steepest scrambles.

Logans Ridge Mount Barney National Park

This hike gets more scenic the higher you go, and the rock up here is just picturesque.

Hiker resting on Logans Ridge Mount Barney NP
Mount Barney hiking Logans Ridge

We took a quick snack break before continuing on to the most challenging section of the trail. There was a massive chimney here which was pretty slippery from the clouds rolling in above. I didn't realize quite how slippery until suddenly my feet slid out from under me. Luckily Bobby was below me, and was able to brace himself on the rock to stop what could've been a very bad fall.

Our rock climbing experience helped a bit, but Bobby and Wade offered some much-needed beta! This was one of a few very exposed spots where the more vertically-challenged of us needed a hand up. There were plenty of holds but some of them were very far apart. Mad props to our friends who wore hefty packs all the way up.

Rock scrambling Logans Ridge

And then the fog rolled in... And we were in a cloud, crawling up the hill with both hands grabbing trees, rocks, anything as a hand hold for the final push to the top.

What a lovely view for our friends to enjoy for the evening! I was very glad I'd hiked up here previously on a perfectly clear day.

Group hiking Mount Barney in a cloud

The hike down SE Route

We put on our rain gear and made our way down SE Route, which became quite treacherous in the rain. It's a good few hours to the bottom and it's not until the very end that your quads get a break from the steep down. We got home in the dark, and slept well after a very full day of adventure.

What to bring

Hiking Logan's Ridge is a serious day out and the weather in Mount Barney National Park can be quite unpredictable. Just in case you end up spending the night at the top, be sure you are carrying:

  • Enough food and water for 2 days (1 day plus emergency rations)

  • Waterproof layers

  • Headlamp

  • Fully-charged phone

  • First aid kit

  • A length of rope for the tricky bits

Plan on spending 8-10 hours on the mountain, and get an early start!

For beginners I'd recommend nearby Mount Maroon or if you're feeling up for a big day, SE Route which is still scrambly in parts but with much less exposed ridge line.

Side note: We did this as a very long day trip, leaving at 4am and returning after dark. I'd recommend making this a full weekend by camping at Mount Barney Lodge or Flanagan Reserve and (if it's summer) taking a day after muscle-recovery hike to Lower Portals for a swim.


The real star of this hike? Jake's very short-lived mullet...

Mullet hiker
Talia's face says it all...

Want to check out more hikes in SE Queensland? We'll have some to recommend soon! If you're into rock climbing, check out our day out climbing Andromeda Crag in the Glass House Mountains.


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Eliska Cramer
Eliska Cramer
27 Haz 2020

What does Beta mean in this case? I'm glad you're able to fully embrace hiking again - I know Covid has been rough on you!

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