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Hiking the Coomera Circuit in Lamington National Park

Well, it's been a while since I posted, and a while since I found time to spend in the woods! A few friends and I spent a full day hiking the Coomera Circuit in Lamington National Park, a long but relatively easy hike starting from Binna Burra Lodge. Trail reports range from 16 to 20kms, but we clocked about 19km in 6 hours. Find a map here.

The circuit can be done clockwise or counter clockwise. We chose to do the falls first and end with the Border Track.

The circuit track slowly descends further into sub-tropical rainforest, with Jurassic Park-like foliage and enormous buttress root trees. The track can be quite muddy, but luckily for us it hadn't rained for a while.

After a long descent, the first landmark to appear is the Coomera Falls lookout. From here it's an impossibly steep drop to Yarrabilgong Falls and Coomera Falls.

Next is a walk through Coomera Gorge. There are quite a few falls that aren't on the national parks map, and each is unique.

The river crossings are apparently intense after rain, but we had no trouble keeping our boots dry.

The waterfalls just kept coming! Make sure you do all of the side trails, which offer unexpected views.

This was the last substantial waterfall before we headed back to Binna Burra on the Border Track.

It took about 2 hours to hike the mostly flat section back. The only standout was the Joalah Lookout a few kilometres after the turnoff.

We spotted a few pademelons near dusk, and arrived back at the parking lot just in time for sunset. We were all tired from a long day, but agreed this hike was well worth it. Find the most complete list I found of the waterfalls here.

Thanks for the hike, adventure ladies!

Happy trails!



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