About Us

A couple with a relentless appetite for adventure, we spent years traveling different corners of the globe before meeting for the first time in Brisbane, Australia. Our first date was a sunrise paddle, followed a few days later by a sunset abseil looking over the Brisbane River.


Between us, we have travelled to over 40 countries on 5 continents. Together we have hiked the Himalayas, toured parts of Southern Australia, and explored the many trails and crags in Southeastern Queensland.

We hope to find unexplored corners of the world together. We traveled 16,000+ kilometres across Australia in our off-road camper rig in 2020, and we're currently exploring and visiting Glenna's family the U.S.


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About Bobby


Bobby’s life of adventure began at the age of 15, when he won a national competition to travel from Australia to the North Pole with a research expedition. Camping in the Arctic Circle in temperatures of -20°C, Bobby realised his passion for pushing the boundaries of his physical limits. Later, during a gap year in Africa, Bobby decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, where he fell in love with altitude and the physical challenges of mountaineering.


Bobby’s personal achievements include cycling non-stop from Adelaide to Melbourne in 2013, covering 800km in 47 hours to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, and being selected to represent Australia at the Age Group Triathlon World Championships in Canada in 2014. Bobby has also kayaked from Cape York to Papua New Guinea.


Today, Bobby is either trekking, kayaking, mountaineering, or planning his next expedition. Bobby runs Hale Travel & Events, a fully mobile travel agency and event planning service, and gets a real thrill out of sending his clients all over the world.       

About Glenna

A passion for travel began with Glenna’s first international trip in 2011. After 3 weeks exploring Italy, she was hooked! Glenna spent a semester abroad in Scotland, with weekends spent photographing random European capitals.

After returning to the States, Glenna graduated with Honors and a degree in video production. She moved to Virginia for an internship with The Nature Conservancy, then relocated relocated to Arizona to work full-time as an associate producer with a local video production studio. Along the way Glenna discovered a love of hiking, backpacking, and outdoor adventure. She switched to work in digital marketing, and continued to travel in search of new experiences, backpacking through Europe and taking a 9,000 mile Western U.S. road trip, among other things.


A few years and a lot of miles later, Glenna found herself on a journey to the other side of the world. She island-hopped her way to a working holiday in New Zealand, traveling tip to tip on both islands in a campervan before spending 4 months in SE Asia. The working holiday continued in Australia, where Glenna met Bobby after a week and ended up sticking around a lot longer than expected.


Glenna hopes to make the world a better place through photography, videography, and digital media. Visit www.glennagoldman.com to see her professional portfolio.