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An Unexpected Visit to Yeppoon

After our ute (Aussie for truck) broke down in Yeppoon we were a bit crushed that our trip had been delayed. But thanks to the hard work of the Roadside Assistance Team at RACQ we got it towed to the nearest mechanic and had a few nights at the lovely Surfside Motel. ⁠We weren't expecting a town so lovely, but after a few days enjoying the Yeppoon beachfront and some great food we were refreshed and ready to hit the road again! ⁠

Yeppoon is the jumping-off point for traveling the Keppel Islands, but if you have time, here are some of the highlights of this pretty little beach town.

Where to Eat

Stuck without our fridge and stove, we ate out a lot.

  • Lure Living - Our favorite spot, with delicious brunch. Very Insta-worthy if that's your thing.

  • The Spinnaker - Surprised us with amazing steak. We may have spent a little on Pokies as well (for you non-Aussies, that's slot machines!).

  • Pumped Juice Bar & Cafe - Great smoothies and raw baked goods. They also had gluten free/dairy free pies and other treats in the freezer, which I can say were pretty close to the real deal!

  • Pie Alley Blues - Live music and a really good menu. They had GF fried chicken and fish and chips! This place had some Americana decor, which I always find hilarious...

  • The Strand Hotel - Decent food, but best for a bevvie and a round of pool.

  • Keppel Bakery - Cheap and delicious pies.

  • Thai Takeaway - Andrea loved her pad see ew from here.

Where to Stay

Surfside Motel

Yeppoon Surfside Motel

RACQ booked us into the Surfside Motel while our ute was getting repaired. It was a very pleasant stay, and the staff were so friendly and accommodating with our ever-changing plans. They even have custom-made postcards you can send back home!

Rating: ★★★★★

  • Great location across from the main beach, short walk to multiple restaurants

  • Spotlessly clean

  • Lovely staff

  • Super fast Wi-Fi

  • Lots of amenities available for longer stays - electric frypan, etc.

NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park

NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park
camper trailer at NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park

We found the NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon on Wikicamps, and the ratings were so good we decided to book it and treat ourselves to a few nights of power hookups and showers before heading to the islands.

Rating: ★★★★★

  • Gorgeous caravan park with lots of trees and open spaces

  • Decent location across from a beach, 5 minutes from the Keppel Bay Marina, and 15 minutes from Yeppoon

  • Surprisingly quiet for a park that was pretty full

  • As the reviews said, amazing showers. And they play music in the bathrooms which sounds weird but was actually pretty great!

  • Friendly staff - They let us leave our trailer in the back lot while the ute was getting fixed, and we were able to use the night we'd already paid for at a later date.

NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park swimming pool
mural NRMA Capricorn Yeppoon Holiday Park

What to see

Yeppoon Lagoon

Modern art or swimming pool?

Make sure to stop by the town's FREE swimming pool, right next to the ocean with stunning views of the Keppel Islands. It was a little chilly for swimming when we were here, but we can only imagine how blissful it is in summertime! There's also a cafe if you're feeling peckish.⁠

Yeppoon Lagoon swimming pool
swimming pool Yeppoon Lagoon
Yeppoon Lagoon pool
Yeppoon Lagoon swimming

Random, but it's also really fun to say "Yeppoon Lagoon"...⁠


If you go looking for them, Yeppoon has murals galore.

Yeppoon Beach Walk

Yeppoon beach
view of Yeppoon beach walk
Yeppoon beach walk

Visiting Yeppoon

We didn't expect to enjoy our time here so much! But, after being stuck for a few days with rainclouds looming, we decided to head up the coast and come back for the ute later.

On to the Whitsundays! Coming soon.



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