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An Outback Proposal

Spending a very hot morning swimming in icy cold Redbank Gorge, we rolled into Ormiston in the early afternoon. We put up the trailer, napped under the fan, and played cards for a bit before climbing to the lookout. I thought it was a bit early for sunset but Bobby insisted...

He asked me to stand out on this ledge so he could take my photo, and then...

Bobby popped the question! He surprised me by having a photographer waiting below to snap a shot of the big moment. We walked right past her, and I did think it was rather odd that someone would be sitting up there wearing jeans on such a hot day, haha! But I was still definitely surprised, as I thought he'd wait until we were closer to Darwin.

To make the story even better, Bobby had set this up a week earlier when we'd been waiting out some rain in Alice Springs. We found a photo in a travel blog that he just loved and decided that was the place. He posted on an Alice Springs locals Facebook page, where a lot of people recommended the same photographer. ABC Radio actually interviewed us about the story after we got back into town! Lisa the photographer was able to track down the spot using the photo, and they planned it all out.

Poor Bobby had been sweating it out the entire 3 days we'd been camping in the MacDonnells without mobile service, just hoping everything would line up perfectly! I thought he was acting a little strange but he played it off well and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect moment, and what a view!

Lisa the photographer met us up at the lookout, and then took us down to the water at the bottom of the gorge.

The gorge was even better than the lookout! What a place, huh?

We got some cute photos, and then some that are a little more "us"!

And of course we had to get a photo with our home the last few months...

As the sun dipped down further, Lisa showed us a few more picturesque spots around Ormiston.

The light was just perfect!

If you're looking for a photographer around Alice Springs, we highly recommend Lisa Hatz Photography! She was friendly and personable, and an absolutely brilliant photographer.

The ring was also local, an Australian opal from NSW purchased from The Gem Cave.

We couldn't be happier with our memorable Outback proposal!

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