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Sea to Summit Dry Bags - Lightweight vs Ultra Sil

Last weekend Glenna and I got caught packing up the tent whilst in an enormous rain storm. If you’ve ever been caught in a rain storm while hiking you know there’s nothing worse than going through your pack to find that all of your belongings are soaked. This is where the use of a dry bag becomes essential, especially if (like us) you’re trying to keep camera gear or electronics dry. Luckily for us, our down jackets and camera gear were kept completely dry by our Seat to Summit dry bags!

After spending nearly 10 years advising people on the best gear to get for their expeditions, one question that I have heard time and time again is “There are so many dry bags on the market, what's the difference between brands and which one should I buy?”. Our favorite tried and tested versions are the Sea to Summit dry bags. Sea to Summit has 2 main models of bag, Lightweight and Ultra Sil.

Sea to Summit dry bag abseiling down waterfall

Lightweight VS Ultra Sil Comparison

The Sea to Summit Lightweight dry bag is the most common dry bag you will see in Australia. Having been around for years, this model has proven itself during many storms and adventures.

The newer player to the game is the Ultra Sil dry bag. This thinner and lighter dry bag is the ultimate in lightweight accessories for those wanting to cut down on grams for longer adventures. The trade off for weight saving? - Waterproof rating. The fabric in the Ultra Sil dry bag will withstand 1/5th the water pressure of its heavier counterpart. To some, this is a deal breaker. For others, this doesn't matter, as 2000ml of pressure resistance is still plenty to keep objects dry when splashed or rained on.


If you have a need to shave every gram from your gear, then the Ultra Sil is a seriously lightweight bit of kit that will keep your gear dry. If like me you put your gear through some pretty tough tests and enjoy it being bulletproof, the tried and tested Sea to Summit Lightweight dry bag is the ultimate choice for keeping your equipment dry. The choice is yours!



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