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Merrell Moab – Hiking Boot Review

The Merrell Moab is like the Toyota Camry of hiking boots - reliable, affordable, and you always know what you’re getting. I’m on my 5th pair now after 10 years in the outdoor industry and I have to say that when they wear out, I will go straight back to purchase another pair. I know that a single quality pair of leather boots probably would have lasted me the 10 years, but I just can’t pass up the comfort of the Merrell Moab hiking boot.

Merrell Moab hiking boots

Merrell Moab rating

Price – ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Durability – ⭑⭑⭑⭑

Comfort – ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

After-sale Service – ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Tried and tested on the Kokoda Track

During a search for a pair of hiking boots back in 2010, I stumbled across the Merrell Moab almost by accident after a shop assistant assured me they would be a great hiking boot for trekking the Kokoda Track. Unsure but trusting, I put my feet in the Moabs and set off to Papua New Guinea. Fast forward 10 years, 22 Kokoda Track expeditions and numerous mountain summits all over the world, and I can still be found hiking with this same boot.

hiking boots Merrell Moab


The Goretex lining in the boot keeps the water out whilst the synthetic outer allows feet to breathe, even on wet days and long hikes.


Merrell Moabs

When looking for the best hiking boots, it's always a tradeoff between weight and ruggedness.

First off, I have found the Vibram sole on the shoe to be incredibly long-lasting. The shoe would be in tatters before the sole started showing significant signs of use. The stitching is normally the first thing to go on the boot. However, this is covered by Merrell’s 12 month warranty which always gives peace of mind.

I have been through 5 pairs of Moabs in 10 years as a professional trekking and mountaineering guide, but given the number of kilometres walked and the stress I put them through, I think the Merrell Moab is a very well-manufactured boot. If someone was using the boot for normal weekend hikes and the odd longer/overnight trip, they would get many years out of a pair of Merrell Moabs.

After-sale service

I took a pair of boots back to Merrell after using them on 5 long expeditions (Kokoda x2, Everest Base Camp, Mt Kilimanjaro, Overland Track) as the stitching was starting to give out. I expected them to say it was just extreme use and wasn't covered, but was pleasantly surprised when they swapped them out for a brand new set right there. I was prepared to buy a new set but walked out with a huge smile and a new pair of boots!


Merrell trekking boots are available through numerous stores around Australia, including their own Merrell outlet stores. Prices range but Moabs normally retail around the $200 AUD mark. For a boot of this calibre, having a price around $200 makes the Merrell Moab an incredibly good value.


I am a big fan of these boots. I have tried numerous different brands and styles but keep coming back to the Merrell Moab. The boots are reliable, consistent, and comfortable. If you want something to go hiking with on weekends and the occasional long trip then these are the perfect hiking boot for you!

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